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Pubblicazioni e Lavori Scientifici

Analysis of the socket bone wall dimensions in the upper maxilla in relation to immediate implant placement (p 37-42)

Guy Huynh-Ba, Bjarni E. Pjetursson, Mariano Sanz, Denis Cecchinato, Jorge Ferrus, Jan Lindhe, Niklaus P. Lang

Bone dimensional variations at implants placed in fresh extraction sockets: a multilevel multivariate analysis (p 30-36)

Cristiano Tomasi, Mariano Sanz, Denis Cecchinato, Bjarni Pjetursson, Jorge Ferrus, Niklaus P. Lang, Jan Lindhe

A prospective, randomized-controlled clinical trial to evaluate bone preservation using implants with different geometry placed into extraction sockets in the maxilla (p 13-21)

Mariano Sanz, Denis Cecchinato, Jorge Ferrus, E. Bjarni Pjetursson, Niklaus P. Lang, Jan Lindhe

Factors influencing ridge alterations following immediate implant placement into extraction sockets (p 22-29)

Jorge Ferrus, Denis Cecchinato, E. Bjarni Pjetursson, Niklaus P. Lang, Mariano Sanz, Jan Lindhe

Bone level alterations at implants placed in the posterior segments of the dentition: outcome of submerged/non-submerged healing. A 5-year multicenter, randomized, controlled clinical trial.

Cecchinato D, Bengazi F, Blasi G, Botticelli D, Cardarelli I, Gualini F.

Guided tissue regeneration

Carusi G, Cecchinato D, La Scalla G, Lotta C, Nalon P.