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Implant Network 2010

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Implant Network 2010

Implant Network aims to be the new community for all those who are interested in the oral implantology field; a new place where it will be possibile to widen the subject, exchange clinical knowledges and experiences  through scheduled meetings with specific topics.
Implant Network is a space completely dedicated to oral implantology, where doctors will have the chance to share and compare their experiences, friendly and informally.
Implant Network, besides these scheduled meetings, offers the chance to join a dedicated blog where doctors will bring hints, suggestions and experiences.
The scheduled meetings are free and open to all those doctors who deal with oral implantology and are willing to share their clinical knowledge.
Periodical meetings with specific topics will be conducted by a moderator who will prepare the meeting, the review of the literature and some personal “Cases Report”. Other “Cases Report” brought by the participants will then follow (prior registration to the Administrative Office of Franci Sas - +39 49 8825329 – .
The meetings will take place at Franci Sas, by the clinic:
Cecchinato - Lindhe - Calabrese – via Guizza 256 – Padova Italy
         2010-03-26 h14-19 Regenerative procedures in implant treatment               (Dr. Orio Luca Riccardi)
         2010-07-02 h14-19 Cemented prosthesis on implants with Atlantis 
                                          (Dr. Andrea Parpaiola - Mr. Roberto Fabris)
         2010-10-01 h14-19 Computer-guided implant treatment: from planning to prosthetic work 
                                        (Dr. Sandro Fabbro)

Franci Sas - via Guizza 256 - 35125 Padova (ITALY) - tel +39 49 8825329 - fax +39 49 8802393